A summer reading list for bookworms and ALL animals


Summer is here, and PETA shares 10 titles that offer compelling stories about a boy who decided to help two captive bears and succeeded, an experimenter’s change of mind about animals, what makes animals our parents, fabulous vegan food and fashion tips, and more.

Whether you are a student on vacation or a retiree by the pool, our summer reading list will deepen your appreciation of all the wonderful animals that share our world and how human supremacism sometimes unfairly relegates them to the laboratory cage or the living room. ‘plate.

So what are you waiting for? Visit your local bookstore or open that Amazon account – this summer is going to be alight(eraire):

Jonathan balcombe

Do you know what fish know? Jonathan Balcombe does, and he shares it with us in his groundbreaking book. You will learn about the loyalty of rabbitfish, the cheerful way of guppies attract ladies, French growling fish and the surprising reason they grind their teeth, and the remarkable ability of goldfish to tell the difference between two famous composers.

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Carl Safina

The Washington Post said: “In this beautifully articulated cry from the heart, Safina gives us a new way of looking at the natural world that is radically different.” It’s a passionate call that reinforces what PETA has been saying for decades: We are all animals. Become wild really drives this point home.

Going Wild for PETA's Summer 2021 Reading List

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Justin barker

Set a reminder for June 22 (or just visit Amazon to pre-order), because bear boy– a book that Jane Goodall said she just couldn’t let go of – will be available for purchase. Young Adult Memoir is truly a story for all ages – adults and teens alike will be in awe of lead character Justin’s quest to help two languishing black bears in a dilapidated roadside zoo. Will Justin be able to raise the quarter of a million dollars needed to relocate them? And what will he find out about activism during his quest? You will only have to order bear boy discover.

Bear Boy for PETA's 2021 Summer Playlist

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Valentina camerini

With Greta’s story, former Disney comic book author Valentina Camerini gives readers a glimpse into the protest that started a movement. PETA and our President, Ingrid Newkirk, have a long history of raising awareness of the capacity of one person to effect change.Greta’s story echoes the feeling that “[y]ou are never too small to make a difference.

Greta's Story for PETA's Summer 2021 Reading List

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Jim mason

Just as Peter Singer introduced the world to “speciesism” by Animal liberation, with An unnatural order, Mason puts the “dominionist” worldview of humans on readers’ radars – and he does a tremendous job of ensuring that his audiences don’t want to participate in the human supremacism he chronicles. This is why so many people are moving away from Mason’s “manifesto for change” with the intention of starting cruelty-free shopping, ditching burgers, and boycotting the circus. An unnatural order is the storybook that teachers don’t assign to school when they should.

An unnatural order for PETA's summer 2021 playlist

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Ingrid Newkirk and Gene Stone

Book Named Authority Animal gender one of the best animal behavior books ever – and while we might be a bit biased, we think it’s no wonder why. Readers also adore Newkirk and acclaimed author Stone’s best-selling book: “The book is truly inspiring,” said Sea Shepherd Conservation Society CEO and Founder Captain Paul Watson. Order a copy (now in pocket size!) To find out for yourself which animals are monogamous, which ruminants are natural “pharmacists” and why Animal gender receives such rave reviews.

Animalkind for PETA's Summer 2021 Playlist

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John P. Gluck

Who better to explain to us why animals have no place in laboratories than a scientist who has already experimented on monkeys and then stopped for ethical reasons? In his book, animal experimenter-turned-bioethicist explains how he developed empathy for the macaques he used while working in the laboratory of infamous ape tormentor Harry Harlow. Through Gluck’s honest story, you too will understand why using a monkey for “research” is just as unacceptable as experimenting on your beloved pet or any other member of your family. To understand why “[a]animals are not ours to experiment ”is the backbone of PETA’s mission statement, Gluck’s memoir is a great place to start.

Ravenous Science and Vulnerable Animals for PETA's Summer 2021 Reading List

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Ashlee piper

There’s not much more to explain – TV personality and journalist Ashlee Piper pretty much says it all in the title of her first book. “If everyone didn’t care, we would have a much better world. [Give a Sh*t] is Make benevolent choices for today’s audience, and I love it, ”Newkirk said. To find out why eating dairy products does not “feel good” and why you can never wear leather and save the planet, get a copy of Piper’s Guide today.

Give a Sh * t for PETA's Summer 2021 Reading List

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Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., and Jessica Pierce

The stories of Cecil the lion and Tilikum the orca have broken hearts around the world. In their groundbreaking publication The animal diary, animal behaviorist Bekoff and bioethicist Pierce argue for extending this same compassion to all animals. With just one book, these authors tackle animal experimentation, animal agriculture, hunting, roadside zoos and marine parks – and they’ll make you want to speak out against them all. If freedom, compassion and coexistence seem to be your priority, order a copy of this “Bold and Important Book” now.

The Animal Diary for PETA's 2021 Summer Reading List

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Sascha Camilli

Like a vegan cookbook for your wardrobe, Vegan style is truly the guide that any compassionate consumer needs. “I wish I had had this little gem sooner,” said Shelly Vella, former fashion director at Cosmopolitan UK and winner of the PETA UK Innovation Award. So do we, Shelly, so do we.

Vegan Style for PETA's 2021 Summer Playlist

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Other species are as complex and emotional as we are, and their stories of adventure, heartbreak and resilience reflect this. That’s why our summer reading list is full of compelling stories as well as tips for keeping your kitchen, wardrobe, and life free from animal suffering. If you liked any of these readings, be sure to let us know on Twitter, and tell your family, friends, and followers to browse PETA’s publishing choices as well:

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