Blackberry devices and phones go dark on January 4th

It won’t be a very good year for people still using Blackberry-powered phones or tablets. (BB) – Get the BlackBerry Limited report Phone (s. This would include BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier, BlackBerry 10 software, and BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier.

Yes, although the company hasn’t been known for its devices for many years, some people still used them, and until January 4, they were supported for calls, texts, and other features.

Blackberry recalled that at this point, devices “running these legacy services and software over carrier or Wi-Fi connections will no longer function reliably, including for data, phone calls, SMS, and functionality. 9-1-1, “the company said. noted. The company has made it clear that devices running on this software “will no longer work reliably” as of January 4.

Blackberry focuses on software

Blackberry reiterated its explanation from September 2020 on this decision. “Today, BlackBerry is focused on delivering intelligent security software and services to businesses and governments around the world. “

The stock recently traded at $ 9.46, down 0.3%.

Is Blackberry a Buy?

Morningstar analyst William Kerwin has mixed opinions on BlackBerry.

“We maintain our fair value estimate of $ 7 for the BlackBerry without a moat after the company reported third quarter profits slightly above our expectations and fourth quarter results slightly lower than our previous forecasts,” he said. he wrote last week.

“We are pleased to see steady sequential growth in BlackBerry software and services sales so far through fiscal 2022.

“But we consider the Cybersecurity and Internet of Things revenue trend lower than forecast for the company’s initial year to be disappointing….

“We continue to forecast robust growth in sales of BlackBerry QNX automobiles and view the continued acceleration of winning designs as positive in the long term. [But] even after a slight pullback after the release, we continue to view equities as overvalued. “