Blair Drummond Safari Park cleared of animal welfare claims


A tourist attraction near Stirling has been cleared of animal welfare claims following a thorough investigation by the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA).

Claims made against Blair Drummond Safari Park at BIAZA in March 2021 by a whistleblower sparked a four-month inspection by the governing body that included park inspections, staff interviews and process reviews.

The results, which include some recommendations for process upgrades, end a “deeply upsetting” time for the wardens and the entire Blair Drummond Safari Park team.

Blair Drummond Safari Park owner Hector Muir

Speaking on the findings, Blair Drummond Safari Park owner Hector Muir said: “BIAZA’s investigation confirmed that Blair Drummond provides a safe and caring environment for our animals, and that’s what we are working on. tirelessly to achieve it every day.

“The team fully participated in the investigation and we were convinced that the result would be positive. It did. We are always looking to improve the park’s processes and procedures and take the opportunity to work with an experienced industry professional to help us achieve this goal.

Dr Jo Judge, CEO of BIAZA added: “BIAZA is convinced that there are no serious animal welfare issues going on. Many of the complaints were historic and we were pleased to see that improvements have already been made to address them.

“The Blair Drummond Safari Park management team is keen to ensure animal welfare is at the highest level and looks forward to the opportunity to learn from a BIAZA mentor.”

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