Governor Wolf signs law giving farmers limited liability protection


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Governor Tom Wolf recently enacted House Bill 101, giving farmers limited liability protections while opening their farms to the public for a fee.

Law 27 of 2021 applies to any agritourism business, which includes U-pick products, farmers’ markets, hay walks, corn mazes, children’s zoos and farm tours.

“Pennsylvania farms and the families who run them feed our nation, and farming is our number one business in the state,” said State Representative Barb Gleim (R-Cumberland), sponsor of the law Project. “Many farmers in Pennsylvania are turning to agritourism to increase their income while continuing to grow traditional crops, helping them to remain economically viable.

By law, agri-tourism businesses are protected from frivolous lawsuits where neither party is at fault for injury or damage. This will allow farms to diversify.

“Introducing this measure into Pennsylvania law required bringing together all parties involved and finding common ground that benefits everyone,” Gleim said. “It was rewarding work, knowing that the industry is aging and must expose future generations to its calling through the current farming community. I am happy and grateful that the General Assembly, the Governor and stakeholders understood how important the policy was to finalize.

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