Hangzhou party leader under investigation, first top Zhejiang official after 19th CPC National Congress


Zhou Jiangyong, head of the Hangzhou party in east China’s Zhejiang province Photo: cnsphoto

Zhou Jiangyong, Party leader of Hangzhou in east China’s Zhejiang Province, is under investigation for alleged serious violations of Party disciplinary rules and laws, China’s leading wrestling agency said on Saturday. against corruption.

Zhou is the secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) municipal committee in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, and is the subject of disciplinary investigations and surveillance by the CPC Central Inspection Commission. discipline (CCDI) and the National Supervisory Commission, according to the CCDI.

Zhou, 54, is the top Zhejiang official under investigation in recent years, and the first top official investigated in the province since the 19th CCP National Congress was held. in 2017.

On Saturday evening, the Standing Committee of the CPC Hangzhou City Committee held a meeting on the case, saying lessons should be learned in depth to strengthen the supervision of leaders and the management team, reported Sunday. Hangzhou Daily, a local media outlet. .

On Sunday morning, the Hangzhou City Party Committee once again held a meeting of all city officials on the issue, stressing the need to resolutely take responsibility for running the Party’s affairs and steadfastly bringing the strict and comprehensive Party governance at a higher level. .

CCDI’s announcement came just a day after Zhou chaired a meeting on coal consumption and carbon neutrality with other city leaders on Friday afternoon, according to the Hangzhou Daily.

Zhou began his career as a high school teacher in Ningbo, another city in Zhejiang, before quickly embarking on a political career. Prior to becoming Hangzhou Party leader in May 2018, Zhou held similar positions in the cities of Zhoushan and Wenzhou. He is also a delegate to the 19th CPC National Congress. He has spent his entire political career in Zhejiang.

As the youngest member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee, Zhou has always had a high-level political career. In May, when three leopards escaped from a safari park in Hangzhou, Zhou visited the scene several times to monitor the situation, drawing public attention.

The investigation into Zhou came two days after another provincial official was outraged. On Thursday, Ma Xiaohui, former Party secretary from Huzhou, “surrendered voluntarily” for alleged “serious violations of discipline and the law”.

Hangzhou is a leading city in China which has achieved high speed development in recent years. It is the capital of Zhejiang, China’s fourth largest province in terms of GDP and is home to Alibaba, one of China’s largest companies. In 2020, the first China-based United Nations Big Data Research Institute was established in the city.

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