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RuPaul’s Drag Race recruits queens from all over the United States to come together and compete to become “America’s Next Drag Superstar”. It is only natural that some of these queens come from one of the greatest mainstream entertainment venues in the world, and where Drag race and Drag race All stars are filmed: Los Angeles.

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With some of the biggest names in entertainment based in the City of Angels, it’s no surprise that there are many hopeful and aspiring queens to Drag race go there to try to be discovered or have a better chance on the show. But to be an iconic LA queen, they really have to make a statement to stand out, and these queens have done so in their respective seasons as well as in their post-show careers.

ten Raja

Prior to appearing on the show, Raja was the chief makeup artist of The next American top model. Inspired by the Gothic and Punk subcultures, Raja decided to apply the skills she had learned on Tyra Banks ‘hit reality show and became one of the City of Angels’ top drag queens.

As the winner of Season 3 of Drag race, Raja immediately caught the attention of fans with her unique runway style fashion (including her exquisite silver look in one of the best Drag race prom outfits ever) and her slightly sarcastic wit. As well as being a strong and consistent contender, Raja was also part of the Season 3 “Heathers” clique, along with runner-up Manila Luzon, Carmen Carrera and Delta Work. Most importantly, Raja broke new ground as the first “look” queen to win. Drag race and would later influence future contestants such as Season 10 winner Naomi Smalls and Aquaria.

9 Guillaume

One of the most memorable contestants in Season 4, and perhaps even the entire series, is Willam. Shamelessly selfish, fans either loved or hated Willam, but there was no denying that she was a talented Queen and one of the most accomplished contestants of all time. Drag Race, having already developed a stable career as an actor and singer in addition to drag.

Regardless of talent and fan opinions, Willam will always be the candidate everyone remembers for being publicly disqualified for breaking the rules. During a tightly sequestered production shoot, she brought her then-boyfriend into his residence. Since no contestants are allowed to personally interact with friends or family during filming, William was asked to leave the series at the end of Episode 8.

8 Detox

Drag queen Detox looks to her left in the Werk room of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Before appearing in the fifth season of Drag race, Detox was already well known in the drag scene in Southern California. After her season, the cool, shady queen is a farm Drag race favorite who showed memorable outfits on the getaway and a sarcastic sense of humor.

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With both appearance and comedy skills, Detox has always been a pleasure to watch and has consistently performed well to finish second in the highly competitive second season of All stars. Perhaps her most memorable moment on Drag race was her jaw-dropping black and white look in the Season 5 finale. It was so good that a season 8 themed track challenge, cementing Detox’s status as the iconic queen who has left a lasting mark on the series.

7 Gigi goode

Gigi Goode RuPaul's Drag Race

Season 12 runner-up Gigi Goode is one of the strongest and most consistent contestants to ever compete Drag race. She had a crisp and imaginative runway look, a strong and sympathetic personality, and brilliant acting skills that she showed throughout her season.

Although she didn’t win the crown, Gigi had four well-deserved maxi-challenge victories, including one of the best performances in Snatch Game, where she gave a hilarious and unique performance as Maria the Robot. , a character based on a real-life robot. Sophie. Goode continues to hone her makeup skills and showcase impeccable looks as a member of the House of Avalon, a drag community that also counts Season 13 winner Symone as a member.

6 Masters of Jasmine

While its time on Drag racethe seventh season and All stars 4 was brief, there is no doubt that Jasmine Masters is an established icon in the Drag race franchise. Unlike most other queens, Jasmine’s iconic status isn’t the result of something memorable she did during her time on the show.

Nina Bo’nina Brown impersonated her in Season 9’s Snatch Game and was greatly appreciated for it. Additionally, Jasmine posted a video in 2016 claiming how Drag race bought the quality art of the drag down. The video went viral and ultimately led to the controversial Queen appearing on All stars 4 and have your own web show.

5 Dahlia Sin

She may have been the first candidate eliminated in Season 12, it wasn’t the last time fans saw Los Angeles Queen Dahlia Sin. During the improv comedy challenge, Dahlia and her teammates were dressed in veg for their skit, with Dahlia wearing a broccoli costume.

Although she was eventually eliminated, the joke still landed and she became a running gag throughout the series, appearing time and time again dressed in broccoli. Dahlia will always be remembered by Drag race fans, but not in the conventional sense.

4 Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Vanjee

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo on RuPauls Drag Race

Not one Drag race Fans can see Vanessa Vanjie Mateo’s name without hearing “Miss Vanjie” ringing in their head. Vanessa was the first knocked out in Season 10, but her very memorable outing made RuPaul laugh and became an instant hit the world over. As a result, Vanessa was redeemed for Season 11, where she reached fifth place.

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While she didn’t win a single maxi-challenge on her second appearance on the series, that hasn’t stopped Vanessa from being a standout contender and one of the most iconic queens of the series. Drag race franchise. She is currently in the headlines RuPaul Drag Race Live! review show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas with fellow contestants Asia O’Hara, Yvie Oddly and Kameron Michaels.

3 Valentina

Valentina on RuPaul's Drag Race

Miss Congeniality of season 9 Valentina is one of the Drag race most memorable competitors. Valentina was a sure contender for the Season 9 crown until she needed lip-syncing for her life in order to secure her place in the later stages of the competition. When asked to remove her mask halfway through lip syncing, she replied “I’d like to keep it, please.” This resulted in a very one-sided lip sync in favor of Nina Bo’nina Brown and Valentina was sent home.

She had a chance to redeem herself in All stars 4 but she still ranked in the bottom two and was eventually knocked out by Latrice Royale in episode 7. Nonetheless, Valentina remains a beloved queen to many fans due to her impeccable catwalk look and her charming personality. In addition, she is a very vocal representative of the Latin gay community of Los Angeles and frequently incorporates Mexican and Spanish influences in her drag shows.

2 Ongina

Ongina was one of the first Drag race contestants, coming in fifth in Season 1. She was a strong contender, having won two challenges and doing very well in almost every episode. She came back later for All stars 5 but was unfortunately eliminated in episode 2.

Ongina is also well known for her activism by revealing herself openly HIV positive in the series. Additionally, RuPaul’s song “LadyBoy” was directly inspired by Ongina herself. Finally, Ongina popularized the show’s “bald” look that would later influence future contestants The Princess and Season 9 winner Sasha Velor.

1 Gottmik

Gottmik as Pinhead in RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13

Gottmik is one of the most recent iconic queens to come Drag racing. A worthy season 13 finalist, Gottmik quickly captured the hearts of fans with his unique look (including his trademark monochrome makeup), hilarious acting, and overall sympathy. She’s a candidate many fans want to see in Drag Race All-Stars.

As well as being a great candidate, Gottmik made history as the first openly trans man to appear on the show and used moments of his screen time to speak openly about his own experiences.

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