Plans to build eight new lodges at West Midland Safari Park


PLANS have been put forward by West Midland Safari Park to build eight new lodges, overlooking the rhino and giraffe enclosures.

The park has applied to the Wyre Forest District Council to demolish existing rhino and giraffe housing, and build two new enclosures that will be overlooked by eight safari lodges.

These will be the latest additions to the ever-growing collection of safari lodges with eight elephant and cheetah lodges opening in April this year, followed by two red panda cottages in June.

These new plans are part of phase two of the park’s four-part master plan following a takeover by Looping Group in 2018.

Currently, housing for giraffes, rhinos and ungulates (any mammal with hooves) is obsolete and not suitable for further use.

In the design and access statement, it is stated that the giraffe lodges will have a living space on the first floor so that guests can see the giraffes at eye level. “The lodges are designed for giraffe encounters, the ground floor bedrooms and the first floor living space so that guests see the giraffes at eye level to get the closeness and immersive experience of ‘be as close as possible to the animals in a safe manner, “he says.

“Each lodge is detached and spatially separated to ensure guests have the most immersive experience possible by being close to animals without outside distraction. Separating the lodges also helps maintain the visual openness of the site.”

The rhino lodges will be “identical in size and appearance to the giraffe lodges, but with lodgings on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first floor.”

Both pavilions will have thatched roofs to match the outgoing appearance of the pavilions.

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