Resort life reaches new heights in Batangas


Landco Pacific Corp. is making waves in uplifting the resort living experience with the introduction of Club Laiya and CaSoBē (Calatagan South Beach). With its concept of a seaside town, the development company offers the unique experience of living in a complex in both properties designed for the convenience and interest of its investors and residents.

Located in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, the 24 hectare Club Laiya is a master plan estate that offers a life of leisure in a true supra resort community with wide open spaces, boardwalks, parks and shopping malls. The resort area of ​​Club Laiya offers residential and commercial opportunities aimed at serving both the tourist market and the serious investor.

The three-story swimming pool is one of Aquaria’s attractions.

For recreation enthusiasts, in addition to having access to Laiya’s vast white sand beaches for water sports and activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and yachting, they can also enjoy the amenities of the resort. Designed as a contemporary resort destination, owners and tourists alike can enjoy an active lifestyle within the community.

Nestled on the sands of Calatagan, Batangas, the 15 acre CaSoBē (Calatagan South Beach) offers a more laid back resort lifestyle. Its intimate setting complements the rich heritage of the province while providing attractions for relaxation and entertainment that cater to residents and the tourist market.

Within CaSoBē, the lots offered by Harbor Estates are classified as residential, commercial or mixed use. This gives investors the stature and advantages of owning a beach property in a thriving resort setting offering services and amenities.

Enjoy a view of the beach when you stay at the Crusoe cabins.

Enhancing the resort living experience, Millennial Resorts offers resort amenities ranging from unconventional accommodations like the surreal rooms resembling Cocoons capsules to the beachfront views of Crusoe Cabins on Calatagan, the perfect sunsets of Batangas.

The beach experience is complemented by water amenities such as Aquaria, a water park with a three-story slide at CaSoBē and the Beach Club at Club Laiya. For gourmets, the Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar offers a feast for the senses. While those looking for a venue for corporate events and weddings, Canopy and Isle facilities are available.

To ensure continuous productivity, the Colony has a modern and trendy coworking space by the beach.

MILLI, Millennial Resorts’ digital service app, enables seamless reservations and transactions at properties.

Club Laiya’s white sand beach is open for relaxation and water sports activities.

Pioneering areas of leisure tourism

Together with Club Laiya and CaSoBē, Landco is a leader in establishing Leisure Tourism Estates (LTE) in Batangas with planned developments offering mixed-use residential and commercial land located in tourist destinations.

“With a heritage of upscale and exclusive real estate development for over 30 years, Landco is revolutionizing the concept of real estate ownership for Filipinos with its latest beachfront projects. These LTEs serve as tourist and lifestyle destinations in a community setting. Its diverse resort amenities make it an attractive weekend getaway, a resort option, and a venue for events and conferences, ”said Landco President and CEO Erickson Y. Manzano.

The capsule shaped Cocoons are unique to Club Laiya.

“Investors have the option of owning high-end properties that can serve as residences, a dream beach house or second home, or a commercial structure for a resort business, or a mix of the two in the thriving destination of Batangas. Through these projects, Landco helps promote Philippine tourism and revive local businesses, ”he added.

Both of these projects under Landco BeachTowns are easily accessible within a two to three hour drive of Metro Manila and are minutes from local facilities such as the hospital, public market, pharmacy, school, chapel, and restaurants. tourist attractions. Staying connected in these high-end areas, whether for business or leisure, is easy thanks to its infrastructure equipped with technology.

For a laid back lifestyle, head to CaSoBe.

These beachfront properties have thoughtful design elements that provide a welcoming and relaxing ambience that evokes harmony with nature. As high-end tourism areas, Club Laiya and CaSoBē are supposed to contribute to the quality of the leisure tourism experience in its locality and promote the three main principles of sustainable tourism: environmental, economic and socio-cultural sustainability. Both properties aim to be Edge and LEED certified. Ecological conservation projects, particularly the conservation of marine life and sea turtles, are also in place at both developments.

In addition, these projects are investments for the future that thrive in the booming tourist market of Batangas. Homeowners have the advantage of benefiting from the expected increase in the market value of their investment, as demonstrated by Landco’s recent project in Punta Fuego, Batangas.

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