See what the State Fair of Texas is serving this year


It’s fair season, and the State Fair of Texas has given us a taste of what Big Tex is serving this year.

All’s Fair in State Fair Food

The fair one! Yes it offers plenty of fun and family fun with carnival rides and games, kids’ zoos, concerts and more, but what I really missed at the fair last year was is the food.

The State Fair of Texas has truly become the home of a few crazy food concoctions over the years, and this year’s menu is up to par.

According to The Dallas Morning News, starting September 24, you can check out the top 10 Big Tex Choice Award finalists.


Here is what you will have to choose from in the “Savory” category:

  • Crispy Crazy Corn – Fried corn kernels topped with pork and pineapple salad
  • I-35 fried – Fried kolache paste topped with smoked brisket and drizzled with peach juice combined with Dr Pepper
  • Fried seafood okra balls – Fried bites with shrimp, sausage and crab rolled in crackers and breadcrumbs, then garnished with chicken fried okra spears.
  • Lucky Duck Dumplin – A pastry filled with duck bacon, cream cheese and roasted corn
  • Pork shots – Texas smoked sausage wrapped in bacon and stuffed with macaroni and cheese

the sweet

Here is what you will have to choose from in the “Sweet” category:

  • The Armadillo – A huge armadillo-shaped cookie butter ice cream sandwich, of course
  • Brittle chest – Traditional brittle dessert with Texas brisket replacing peanuts
  • Fried halloween – A large pretzel topped with sweet corn syrup and topped with sprinkles, sweet corn, chocolate and marshmallow frosting
  • Fernie’s Fried Caramel Crisp Cake – A cake donut dipped in panko and vanilla cookie crumbs then fried
  • Texas Pumpkin Poke Cake – A Texas-shaped pumpkin cake with caramel and vanilla frosting

I think the hardest part of deciding what’s best is deciding where to start first.

I’ll keep it simple: I’ll just order one of each and go from there. Texas State Fair runs September 24e until October 17e in Dallas.

Enjoy your lunch!

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