The Knocks return with a new summer jam


By: Claire Spinner

With the clubs reopening, American electronic music duo The Knocks is hoping that their latest track, “Bedroom Eyes”, will be the score for the summer.

Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner describes the track as a comeback for the duo, which also includes James “JPatt” Patterson. Their last album was “New York Narcotic” in 2018.

“It really reminds me of older stuff from The Knocks,” Ruttner says.

“It’s a lot more disco than what we did a few years ago. JPatt did this amazing bassline and I was able to add drums live. We wanted to create this real, easy, summery melody. It feels like people are really set to have fun this summer and have fun, so it was a good time too. “

“Bedroom Eyes” is the second track The Knocks released in 2021. Patterson says the steady stream of singles since 2018 shows their dedication to the dance music scene.

“Half the battle with the music industry is just to stay visible and relevant and stay in people’s ears, because these days there is so much to hold on to and attention span. can be short, ”says Patterson. “Throughout our career, we’ve never really stopped releasing new music. We’re constantly generating new content and I think that got us where we are now. “

During quarantine, Patterson and Ruttner were separated for months. However, they continued to create music, like “Bedroom Eyes”, virtually.

“It was a combo between me sending things to JPatt and him sending them back, while we were also dealing with Studio Killers, who were in Finland,” says Ruttner. “It was really interesting, and definitely a different way of doing a song, although I can’t say my favorite way.”

Ruttner says ideally when collaborating with other artists, he and Patterson prefer the camaraderie of in-person work. This leads to the duo’s best work.

“I think my favorite way to collaborate is having everyone in a room, drinking beers and partying and making it fun. It’s my favorite way to make music with other songwriters and I think that’s how many of our best collaborations are born, ”says Ruttner.

These collaborations range from independent actors like Mallrat, who sang on the band’s other single in 2021, “RU High”, to alternative favorites like Foster the People, with whom they made a cover album. Patterson and Ruttner agree that their favorite musical partnerships are those that have a personal connection to their lives.

Ruttner says working with a personal hero, Wyclef Jean, was a major turning point in his musical journey.

“It was a really crazy and amazing experience because I grew up listening to it – like really listening to it. Sitting in his house and doing a song from scratch was the coolest experience. For me it was a turning point for us as a group, ”said Ruttner.

Patterson says that one of his favorite collaborations was with Alex Newell, a singer who made his debut on “Glee” and a well-known member of the LBGTQ community. In addition to the music video for the song, which featured “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner Aquaria, Patterson says the partnership has helped him feel connected to the queer community.

“We’ve been able to be a part of these communities in so many ways, which, as a queer person myself, is really important to me,” Patterson says.

The Knocks have long been known for including people from all walks of life in their music and shows.

“It’s part of what we’ve always been as a group. In our first concerts we almost always gave a talk about bringing people together and what our music is all about, ”says Patterson. “We want to create environments for people where they can come and feel welcome and experience this music without feeling like they are being judged for their differences.”

The Knocks are excited to bring their new music to the stage and create that same inclusive party environment on the road, including the Maya Dayclub in Scottsdale on Sunday August 22.

“I’m so excited to DJ. We just started playing gigs again and it feels really good, ”says Ruttner. “I can’t wait to play these new songs. We’ve released so much music in the last couple of years that we haven’t even been able to hear it aloud in a club, so I’m delighted with that. I’m just excited to see people react to the music.

Patterson and Ruttner want to cheer their fans up with “Bedroom Eyes” and their upcoming album.

“We really want our music to positively affect people. We want these new tracks to be like hope, love and joy, ”Patterson said.

“I want people to have fun and I want these songs to be the soundtrack to come back to life,” Ruttner said. “Right now people are happy to be alive and that’s why it’s a great time to go out. We didn’t try to take ourselves too seriously, we wanted to make music that you can play that makes you feel good. This is our goal. CT

DJ Set Knocks during the Sunday Drip

WHEN: 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday August 22

OR: Maya Dayclub, 7333 E. Indian Plaza, Scottsdale

COST: Tickets start at $ 25

INFO: 480.625.0528,,

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