Tips for night hiking and star walking


The past year and a half has made us true outdoor enthusiasts. We climb mountains, bathe with trees, ornithology, feed, surf, hike, camp– some of us for the very first time.

And when the sun goes down, we also have options.

Starwalking – or hiking while stargazing – brings a new perspective to the great outdoors. A familiar path easily traveled during the day can feel like a new experience in the dark. The temperatures are cooler and the trails unpopulated. There is a stillness, sometimes interrupted by nocturnal wildlife giving texture with croaks and chirps. Mosquitoes give way to fireflies, stars on earth.

“[Going out at night] taught me to meditate, to calm my mind, ”says Maggie Martin, a Colorado-based astrophotographer. “All of these places I go are so overcrowded during the day. At night you sort of have everything to yourself and you feel like you are the only one in the mountains. I really found that feeling therapeutic.

And then there’s the added dimension of the vast night sky. Instead of staying in one place and stargazing, a star walk lets you admire constellations from multiple vantage points and heights. It’s just you and the diamond-studded sky, celestial beings who seem close enough to touch.

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