When will the new series of The Apprentice be? It’s sooner than you think

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  • As broadcasters fill their TV shows with all of our favorite shows this holiday season, fans are wondering when is the new series of The Apprentice?

    The popular award-winning BBC reality show, currently in its 16th series, is set to return to screens in 2022 after a much anticipated wait. But fear not, because the show is returning and its start date is earlier than you might think.

    Not only is the show back with a brand new group of 16 contestants, it also returns to a new Thursday night niche in the TV shows – promising plenty of fireworks even after New Years…

    When will the new series of The Apprentice be?

    The new series of The Apprentice begins on January 6, 2022.

    With Lord Alan Sugar at the helm of the new season, he will have at his side the trusted advisor Baroness Karren Brady and, with Claude Littner taking a break in series, following his bicycle accident.

    Entrepreneur and winner of the very first series, Tim Campbell MBE, will replace Claude to observe the candidates and their business acumen on the tasks.

    There will be 16 new applicants competing to win a life-changing £ 250,000 investment in their business, the series embarks on a challenge that is anything but simple.

    On board a brand new cruise ship built by Lord Sugar, contestants are divided into teams as they are tasked with designing an advertising campaign for a cruise to destination.

    Meanwhile, comedian, writer and actor Tom Allen returns as the host of The Apprentice: You’re Fired, which will air weekly on BBC Two right after the main show. Taking a wry eye over the events of each week, Tom will be joined by a host of celebrity fans and professionals alike to dissect and debate the candidates’ progress through each task.

    Over the years, Lord Sugar has invested nearly £ 3million in winning cases, and this year’s ambitious entrepreneurs will go out of their way to prove they are serious as they battle for the opportunity to life changing investment.

    With the competitive surge and relationships tested from the start, it’s time to find out who will sink and who will swim…

    When does The Apprentice start in 2022?

    Episode 1 of The Apprentice starts January 6, 2022 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

    With Britain reopening after the pandemic, Lord Sugar is back and more ready to invest than ever. But before he can decide who his next business partner will be, candidates will need to prove their worth in a number of lofty challenges. The stakes are higher than ever as the 16 hopeful candidates
    be reduced over the next 12 weeks until only one is left.

    To prove that he is serious, Lord Sugar summons aspiring entrepreneurs to his meeting room where he launches the debates with a task like no other!

    Under the watchful eyes of Baroness Karren Brady and Series 1 winner of The Apprentice Tim Campbell MBE, the contestants are immersed in the deep end as they leave Portsmouth aboard a luxury cruise ship. their task; design a marketing campaign for a new cruise liner, including the creation
    a brand and a television advertisement.

    One team’s approach to designing is far from straightforward, while on the other team contention while filming the commercial leads to rough waters.
    Both teams later try to take the lead in pitching their ad campaigns to industry experts, but get this sinking feeling.

    Back on dry land and in the boardroom, Lord Sugar searches for answers; as it is the man or the woman in the sea for a candidate when he is the first to be said “You are fired!” “.

    What can we expect from series 16 of The Apprentice?

    After being immersed in the first task, those who survive will be faced with a multitude of equally daunting challenges.

    Applicants are expected to receive a visit from a familiar looking tooth fairy as they are thrown into the world of children’s oral care, there is an adventurous brief to boost Welsh tourism with ziplines and trains Steam on the agenda and the development of an original video game concept will take things to another level.

    Budding entrepreneurs will also find themselves in the limelight as they sell live on TV, negotiate fish-rich waters in Cornwall and navigate a race-inspired corporate day at Silverstone.

    With the Loser’s Cabin on hold, there’s no smooth comeback in the life of this series’ board of directors, as Lord Sugar makes no secret of the fact that the stakes are higher than ever.

    Each task will end with the candidates being summoned to fight in the boardroom, with one final opportunity to escape the line of fire.

    Speaking from the boardroom in the first episode, Lord Sugar said: “I have to say we’re happy to be back in the boardroom. But don’t think for a minute that I’ve gotten slack. Because of the pandemic, the business world is more difficult than ever and so is this process.In this meeting room, you are not on leave, you are fired.

    In addition to the main show, there will be two special episodes, The Final Five and Why I Fired Them, which will also return to reveal the stories behind the series ahead of the finale. The Final Five looks back on the journey of the candidates who made it to the interviews before battling to secure their place in the final. Ahead of the series finale, Lord Sugar will also reveal additional insight into his boardroom decisions in Why I Fired Them.

    Who are the winners of The Apprentice so far?

    • Series 1 = Tim Campbell
    • Series 2 = Michelle Dewberry
    • Series 3 = Simon Ambroise
    • Series 4 = Lee McQueen
    • Series 5 = Yasmina Siadatan
    • Series 6 = English Stella
    • Series 7 = Tom Pellereau
    • Series 8 = Ricky Martin
    • Series 9 = Léa Totten
    • Series 10 = Mark Wright
    • Series 11 = Joesph Valente
    • Series 12 = Alana Spencer
    • Series 13 = James White and Sarah Lynn
    • Series 14 = Sian Gabbidon
    • Series 15 = Carine Lepore

    How can viewers of The Apprentice get involved with the show?

    The official site of The Apprentice will also host additional content for viewers to enjoy, including weekly previews and highlight clips. BBC Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson returns with his inimitable preview of this year’s business hopes in Meet the Candidates – which will be available from Tuesday 4e January on BBC iPlayer.

    Fans will be able to share all the ups and downs of the series on social media using #TheApprentice, via Instagram (@apprenticeuk), Facebook (facebook.com/BBCApprentice) and Twitter (@bbcapprentice).

    The Apprentice will be broadcast weekly Thursdays at 9 p.m. on BBC One from 6e January 2022, followed by You’re Fired on BBC Two. Watch live and on demand on BBC iPlayer.